Burger Theory Union Street

Burger Theory Union Street

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Burger Theory have never been that popular with any of the kids--most of them won't eat burgers, but even the 13-year-old finds their regular burgers a bit too mature for her palate. Maybe it's the tomato? The truck sauce? The fact that the burgers are cooked medium-rare? So when Burger Theory opened their newest store and there were a few new burgers on the menu we thought we'd have to check it out.

The set-up doesn't instantly appeal to kids. There aren't any bright colours or cool murals like at their other store, Pearl's Diner . But it's casual and relaxed; if one of the kids ends up throwing an unexpected temper-tantrum you're unlikely to interrupt someone else's romantic date. The customised burger wrap and chip buckets are especially fun.

The kid's burger comes with a well done patty, cheese, and tomato sauce. It's $8 by itself and $14 with fries and a drink. It might seem like a lot when the regular burgers are only a few dollars more expensive, but the patty and bun are exactly the same as what you'll find on a Burger #1 or Burger #2 . It's a lot of money if you've got kids who are going to leave half of the burger un-touched, but if they'll eat it then it's worth the price so that you can enjoy a good burger yourself.

On top of the two regular burgers there you'll also find a burger special, a chicken burger, and a vegetarian burger. The 13-year-old tried the kid's burger and the chicken burger. Her words of wisdom regarding the kid's burger: "This is like a normal burger, but so much better. And it tastes so good!"

The cookies left the 13-year-old a little bit wide-eyed; double choc chip cookies are normal enough, but she couldn't really understand the speckles of salt. She turned right around after she had a bite. Younger kids might find it a bit harder to get past the sea salt on the cookies, but make sure they give them a go.

There are also butter waffles on the menu that you can get with scoops of ice cream. It's nice having the option of something sweet at the end of the meal.

This was the perfect place to take the 13-year-old for a bite to eat. If your kids enjoy burgers then they'll probably enjoy the kid's burger at Burger Theory; our nugget-loving youngins would probably only eat the chips and the ice cream. It is nice to find kid-friendly places that have plenty of options for adults too.

Where: 8-10 Union Street, Adelaide
When: Mon - Sat: 11:00 - 22:00
Cost: Burgers start at $8
Web: www.burgertheory.com

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