Grand Boulevard Park

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is a large park and playground area next to the Seaford Recreational Centre. There park features a playground, as well as a skate park and a BMX tracks. It's one of the larger parks in the area; and it's just around the corner from the Seaford Shops.

[ADVERT]We brought along the 8-year-old and the 12-year-old. Neither of them were particularly enthused by the idea of the main playground, describing it as a 'kiddie playground'. It's fairly simple. A few slides, some things to climb and run across, and not much else. It's definitely better suited to younger kids who can master playgrounds on their own, but don't need anything too challenging to keep them interested.

Their favourite part was the large climbing web. It's a rather large web. It's a really tall web; the older kids had fun seeing who could climb to the top the quickest and just generally defying gravity. It would be great to see a few newer pieces added to the park that are aimed at older kids.

There are a few trees providing shade and a shaded seating area that has a good view of both playgrounds. Unfortunately there are no bathrooms, but if you need an emergency toilet stop you're nearby the Seaford Recreation Centre , the Seaford Central Shopping Centre and the Seaford Ecumenical Mission --one of which will likely be open. There's also plenty of open space at --and a well maintained lawn too--kids have space to run around or enjoy a kick of the footy.

The skate park and BMX track areas are slightly separated from the park by a line of trees. They're good fun for any kids who are interested in bikes or skating. You can usually find one or two younger kids having a go at the skate park, but there's usually a larger teenage crowd.

has something for kids of all ages and interests, but it would be great to see a few newer pieces of equipment inject some fresh life to the park.

Where: Grand Boulevard, Seaford (Next to the Seaford Rec Centre)
When: Anytime (Skatepark open during daylight hours)
Cost: Free


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